Facts about Kiwi, the bird

– lives only in New Zealand
– is flightless and almost blind
– are believed to be more than 8 million years old
– lay the largest egg in relation to their body size (20% of their body size, a human baby is 5% of its mothers’ body size)

– has loose, hair-like feathers and no tail
– a female kiwi is larger than a male
– uses the nostrils to be able to hunt – is the only known bird in the world to have nostrils at the end of its bill

Why are we telling you about Kiwi birds? This special bird has inspired the design of one of our collections’ pieces named in fact Kiwi.

Kiwi is a storage container, where kids can hide their treasures. His soft and round shapes take up the ones from a Kiwi bird. While the long beak is a removable piece that opens the container, the round body offers plenty of space for storage. A home accessory that combines playful design with functionality. Kiwi’s smooth surface makes it pleasant to the touch as well as easy to clean. It comes in a speckled design of different colours, adding a special touch to all kind of kids’ rooms. Thanks to this speckled design – made from flakes of recycled plastic toys – Kiwi is a recognizable product of recycling. This was important to us, as ecoBirdy aims to inspire young people to contribute to a more sustainable future. Kiwi is made exclusively from recycled plastic. Due to the accurate sorting and cleaning during the recycling process, it is free from any harmful chemicals and 100% recyclable.

We did choose Kiwi the bird to inspire our design for a reason. With this piece we do not only intended to focus on sustainability, but also raise awareness for the endangered species of the Kiwi bird. There are less than 70,000 Kiwi birds left on the world and every week other 20 are lost.