A journey to a new life

It was our goal to raise awareness for sustainability amongst kids. But what would be the best way to make the youngsters understand what we are doing and why? We thought about it again and again, always with the shocking images of the earth’s oceans full of plastic rubbish on our minds.

And then we thought about a story, a story to tell them in a suitable way about what ecoBirdy does and why. And so the idea of making our own ecoBirdy book was born. “A Journey to a new life” is the title and that’s what it is telling about: the journey of an abandoned plastic toy getting the chance of a new life as ecoBirdy’s furniture. Inspired by real-life ,“A Journey to a new life” tells the story of Scooter, a plastic push-bike.

Being a close friend to a toddler initially, he gets abandoned very soon to the cellar. But Scooter does not remain there. He starts a journey searching for his toy companions: Plastic Boaty, Ringman and Miss Kitchen. He finds out they have been abandoned too and ended up harming our earth’s nature. Scooter is very sad about his discoveries, when Birdy comes to tell him about a wonderful place that could help him and his friends…

We have researched a lot about the most common toys nowadays to use them as main characters of the book. This was important to us to enable kids to easily identify with the book’s story. “A journey to a new life” is full of vivid and colourful illustrations that tell Scooter’s story in a light and approachable way, inspiring young people to care for our planet and contribute to a sustainable future.

“A Journey to a new life” is printed in Belgium on 100% recycled and chlorine-free paper.

Story by Vanessa and Joris
This book can be ordered in our webshop or at several bookshops.