Casa Di Anversa

Casa Di Anversa


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Following the idea of reuse, ecoBirdy designed a special pattern to transform the carboard box of Charlie chair into a fun playhouse for children. The inspiration was found in the historic city of Antwerp where the brand ecoBirdy was founded.


16th Century Houses

Going back more than five hundred years ago, Antwerp was the commercial capital of Europe. Hundreds of ships passed through the harbour every day, whicch brought foreign trade into the city. Merchants from all over the globe resided in the city making it a cosmopolitan centre. The former “gildehuizen” (guild houses) were originally the headquarters of the city’s 16th and 17th century guilds, which still can be found at the centre of the city reflect the atmosphere of Antwerp’s golden age. They are characterised by their vertically pointed roofs and stepped gables.

It was in commemoration of these glorious houses that ecoBirdy designed the playhouse. The outline of the house are drawn. Decoration and colouring are left to the imagination of the kids.




Multi-functional packaging

The main function of the box is to package the product. The second function is to turn it into another playing for children after it has been folded or cut. With this principle in mind, ecoBirdy aims to improve the sustainability of their packaging. No unnecessary single-use plastic packaging is used. Recycled cardboard boxes and paper tape are used to reduce environmental impact.





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