Journey to a new life

Journey to a new life

ecoBirdy created a children's book in the aim of raising awareness for sustainability and introduce children to the circular economy. 

The story begins with a plastic push bike – we've all seen them around. Being a product in a toyshop to a kid's best friend.

Later when the kid grows up (fast), toy is abandoned, then disposed of. Push bike's friends are no better off: one ends up in a landfill, one in the stomach of a whale and one on the verge of incineration.

But this Toy Story has a happy ending. In the second part, they are saved and are given a new life by waste management. The toys have been transformed into furniture and once again accompany the kids.


For kids, toys are products they know and love. Nothing else can make them more engaged. It may be their first experience of the circular economy. It brings the story full circle.


The story of this book is based on our own research and the main protagonists in the book are the most common toys. This was important to us to enable kids to easily identify with the book’s story. “A journey to a new life” is full of vivid and colourful illustrations that tell Scooter’s story in a light and approachable way, inspiring young people to care for our planet and contribute to a sustainable future.

Journey to a new life is printed in Belgium on 100% recycled and chlorine-free paper.

Story by ecoBirdy.
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