Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

ecoBirdy was awarded the label as one of the 1000 profitable solutions that have a positive impact on Climate Change by the Solar Impulse Foundation.


What is the Solar Impulse Foundation and why is it important? 

Founded by innovator and explorer Bertrand Piccard, the Solar Impulse Foundation is a collection of 1000 efficient solutions that protect the environment. So far 500 start-ups and corporations have been assessed by independent experts and labelled as a solution that reduces pollution and improves efficiency in the fields of water, energy, construction, mobility, industry, and agriculture. (


How does ecoBirdy fit in? 

As a member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, ecoBirdy was assessed and selected by independent experts based on its contribution to the achievement of SDG 9 and SDG 12; innovation and responsible production. Its innovative process collects, recycles, and sorts used plastic waste and transforming it into unique and circularly designed products.


Along with the other changemakers labelled by the Solar Impulse Foundation, ecoBirdy's transformative solution is on track to creating a more sustainable and efficient future. 


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 Image source and credit: Solar Impulse Foundation


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