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ecoBirdy Stories

ecoBirdy Frost Table made from recycled refrigerators
Frost Table: a new way to look at electrical appliances

ecoBirdy embraces the second life of discarded white goods

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images of kids
Sustainability and kids: your tips

Our community shares how they approach the topic of sustainability with their kids

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baby seabird eats plastic waste
The impact of plastic waste on birds

Why we care about them and how we are helping

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Outdoor time makes you healthier
Outdoor time makes you healthier

Contact with nature has a positive impact on kids and grown-ups

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Mabo Plate at restaurant La Chapelle by Seppe Nobels
Mabo Plates at Château La Chapelle

A green synergy between sustainable living and healthy eating

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ecoBirdy Mabo Plate in recycled plastic, marble pattern and tonal colours
The royal debut of Mabo Plate

Mabo Plate was chosen to serve the Danish Crown Princess at Rossana Orlandi’s dinner

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Sustainable children's furniture

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