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ecoBirdy Stories

ecoBirdy Frost Table made from recycled refrigerators
Frost Table: a new way to look at electrical appliances

ecoBirdy embraces the second life of discarded white goods

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images of kids
Sustainability and kids: your tips

Our community shares how they approach the topic of sustainability with their kids

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baby seabird eats plastic waste
The impact of plastic waste on birds

Why we care about them and how we are helping

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ecoBirdy Recycled Cotton
A meaningful blanket

Discover the special features of ecoBirdy Coral Blanket

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ecoBirdy Coral Blanket Recycle Cotton
Why it is important to recycle cotton?

Why ecoBirdy’s Coral Blanket is made from recycled cotton

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ecoBirdy recycle plastic toys
Recycling process

100% safe due to accurate sorting, cleaning and grinding

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ecoBirdy upcycling definition
Defining Upcycling

ecoBirdy defines what upcycling means for its products

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Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label
Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

ecoBirdy receives the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

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Sustainable children's furniture

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