A Tribute to Belgian Beach Cultural Heritage

A Tribute to Belgian Beach Cultural Heritage

The tradition of children selling crêpe paper flowers on Belgian beaches is a unique phenomenon and has been officially recognized as a cultural heritage in 2021. An authentic activity combining togetherness, creativity, and craftsmanship – all values that we support at ecoBirdy.

The history

In the summer, along the Belgian coast, children set up their “flower shop” on the sandy beach, selling the self-crafted little gems. The only currency accepted is the shells found on the beach, certain kinds of shells might be more worthy depending on the demands of the young merchants. “Having a nice shop” became a family event, with parents and grandparents involved in the background creating the colourful and original handicrafts.

The little historical tradeshow can be traced back to the 1920s. It stimulates social interaction, unites different generations, cultural backgrounds, and languages. It is educational for kids to learn the value of creativity and originality in a natural environment. 


ecoBirdy's tribute to the culture

"Strandblomen" (meaning "The beach flowers") is unique to Belgium, not being seen along other coastlines in Europe or the world. The lightweight paper flowers sway by the warm winds, the sun shines through the saturated colours, and the vibrant decorations add much enchantment to the greyish-brown beach. Kids are playing and practising their first entrepreneurial skills.

The authenticity and endearing nature of this local culture are worth inheriting and sharing. We handcrafted 25 crêpe paper flowers in our workshop, using all the traditional techniques and typical materials. Each flower is unique with a refined design.

A summer celebration window display will be up in our showroom in Antwerp

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