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Magic of flakes


After the first plastic toys had been examined, sorted, cleaned and grinded in the Netherlands, we travelled to Italy where all our collection is produced. Finally we could start testing the look for our first collection.

From the very beginning of our project we had an idea of how our pieces should look like. We had a speckled look on our minds. We liked the idea of making it visible that our pieces are made out of recycled material. Kids should be able to recognize the little elements – we call them magic flakes – of their old toys in their new furniture. This was essential to us as our furniture aimed to raise awareness for sustainability and inspire kids to contribute to a more sustainable future.

It was a big challenge to find the right balance of different flake sizes. Not only. Also the composition and number of different colours, making up a harmonic look, was not easy to find. We use innovative technologies for plastic recycling. This makes it possible to create colourful pieces without adding any pigments or resins. Therefore the colour sorting during the recycling process is essential for us. After one week of non-stop experimenting we had finally found the perfect balance of the magic flakes – our very own and unique speckled look – for our first collection of kids furniture. We were excited and couldn’t wait to see the look on our final products.