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ecoBirdy debut

We have been to Maison & Objet in Paris last week, one of the most important design fairs all over Europe. It was with big excitement that we were expecting this fair as it was the first time that we presented our debut collection of kids furniture to the public. ...

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Magic of flakes

After the first plastic toys had been examined, sorted, cleaned and grinded in the Netherlands, we travelled to Italy where all our collection is produced. Finally we could start testing the look for our first collection. ...

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May we introduce…

Charlie, the Chair. Next week our first ecoBirdy furniture collection for kids will be officially launched. All pieces will be unveiled at our own stand at Maison & Objet in Paris: Hall 7 — Stand D168. After two years of planning and working on our ecoBirdy project, we couldn’t be more excited this moment has finally arrived. ...

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Facts about Kiwi, the bird

- lives only in New Zealand - is flightless and almost blind - are believed to be more than 8 million years old - lay the largest egg in relation to their body size (20% of their body size, a human baby is 5% of its mothers’ body size) ...

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A journey to a new life

It was our goal to raise awareness for sustainability amongst kids. But what would be the best way to make the youngsters understand what we are doing and why? We thought about it again and again, always with the shocking images of the earth’s oceans full of plastic rubbish on our minds. ...

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ecoBirdy at school

We had created our own story we wanted to tell all the kids out there. For us visiting schools is a great way to meet children and collect as many unused plastic toys as possible. Thus we started our ecoBirdy school programme back in autumn. ...

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Why plastic toys

For our ecoBirdy project we wanted to do something different. Not easy in 2017 when already everything - when it comes to consumer goods - seems to exist. We were researching about sustainability, about sustainable materials. ...

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The beginning

We already were at a good point. We have had the idea for our ecoBirdy project, a concept for the design. Our business plan was written and we even had started to collect some unused plastic toys in our neighbourhood. ...

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