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designed upcycled recycleerbaar

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 Feiten over plastic speelgoed 


eindigt op stortplaatsen, afvalverbrandingsovens of zelfs oceanen


zijn gemaakt van plastic en hebben slechts 6 maanden levensduur


dopjes dezelfde waarde hebben als slechts 1 stuk plastic speelgoed


ecoBirdy programma

 Start jong, grote impact 


01 Bewustzijn

Een geïllustreerd verhalenboek informeert de kinderen over de problemen van plasticafval en stelt mogelijke oplossingen voor.

Het leesboek
Eerste druk 250 stuks

02 Inzameling

Verzamel samen met je kinderen en vrienden gebruikt en beschadigd plastic speelgoed en neem ze mee naar de ecoBirdy-container.

Plastic speelgoed
Doel om te recycleren 25000 kg

03 Producten

Afgedankte plastic producten worden ge-upcycled en zorgvuldig designed in nieuwe producten. 100% Europese herkomst, 100% recycleerbaar.

1st Editie 2000 stuks

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One step further

 Let's make it happen 

Blijf in contact, ontvang het laatste nieuws,
wees de eerste die onze producten ontdekt.
I want to learn the kids about plastic recycling
I want to reserve the furniture made in 100% recycled plastic
ecoBirdy appreciates your support

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The beginning

We already were at a good point. We have had the idea for our ecoBirdy project, a concept for the design. Our business plan was written and we even had started to collect some unused plastic toys in our neighbourhood....

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Why plastic toys

For our ecoBirdy project we wanted to do something different. Not easy in 2017 when already everything - when it comes to consumer goods - seems to exist. We were researching about sustainability, about sustainable materials....

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ecoBirdy at school

We had created our own story we wanted to tell all the kids out there. For us visiting schools is a great way to meet children and collect as many unused plastic toys as possible. Thus we started our ecoBirdy school programme back in autumn....

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A journey to a new life

It was our goal to raise awareness for sustainability amongst kids. But what would be the best way to make the youngsters understand what we are doing and why? We thought about it again and again, always with the shocking images of the earth’s oceans full of plastic rubbish on our minds....

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Examing toys

After the first collection of old plastic toys, ecoBirdy took some pieces to the LAB for examination. Here we see a plastic scooter containing 2,018 gram of polyolefi n plastic......

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Magic of flakes

One week of non-stop experimenting in the factory brings surprising results to ecoBirdy’s aim to create a ‘new look’ for products made of recycled plastic...

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Chair prototype

Checking some 1:1 models leading to a fi nal version of children’s chair Charlie. Its designed to have a friendly subtle rounded shape with large seating surface...

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