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ecoBirdy wants to empower kids to care for a more sustainable future. We believe that starting from the little ones can have a big impact for our earth’s future.
ecoBirdy has created a school programme to raise awareness among kids. A storybook - designed by ecoBirdy for children - tells an appropriate story to raise the youngsters’ consciousness for plastic waste and its recycling. By throwing unused plastic toys into our collection container the kids are supported and inspired to contribute to a more sustainable future.
Elementary school, Antwerp
How we tell childrenAwareness

01Inspired by real-life

A huge storybook, designed by ecoBirdy especially for children, teaches the pupils about the use of common plastic toys, how it can be harmful to our planet and how old plastic toys can be given a new life.

Want to tell the story by yourself? Check the educational material
How we involve childrenInvolving

02Empower to contribute

A large collection container is brought to every school visit to show pupils how they can contribute to a more sustainable future. Children and parents are then invited to bring their own old and unused plastic toys from home.

Want to have the ecoBirdy container in your school? Write to us.
How we make children feel partMemorizing

03Transparency of upcycling

All kids and parents are asked to leave their contact when bringing old toys. They will receive an email as soon as their old toys is given a new life. We want our story to be kept in mind and make the upcycling process transparent.

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