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ecoBirdy partners with Mustela®

Mustela, an international company that focuses on maternity and newborn skincare, has been on a mission to become more socially and environmentally conscious. Already using natural and safe ingredients in its solution, Mustela began looking at how it can continue doing the right thing. Its next goal was to find innovative solutions to better manage plastic waste from its products.

ecoBirdy is a company that has built-up sufficient knowledge and a unique capability to develop otherwise unused plastic waste into innovative desirable pieces that are easy to market. In its first collection, it partnered with local schools to recycle unused toys while teaching students the importance of a circular economy.

ecoBirdy Mustela

ecoBirdy and Mustela partnered to find the best solution for plastic waste. The two companies jointly worked on an engaging recycling campaign to foster customer participation. After the collection period, ecoBirdy will collaborate with a sheltered workshop that will provide employment opportunities to the local community. They will manually sort and process the recycled material. The outcome will go through its patented technology to further sort waste and create ecoBirdy's signature speckled look. Each vividly unique piece will be a part of ecoBirdy’s limited edition collection.


How did ecoBirdy increase engagement in the recycling campaign?

1. Inspiring & tangible campaigns. Since Mustela is a family brand, ecoBirdy created a tangible and transparent campaign that stimulated emotional connection and involvement. It was able to create an experience for consumers to feel like changemakers.

2. Increased social responsibility. At ecoBirdy, products are not only environmentally conscious but also are giving back to the community. Because of this, it collaborates with sheltered workshops in Belgium to provide employment opportunities to members of the community with disabilities or in precarious situations. 

3. Impactful story telling. ecoBirdy is able to provide high quality designs that were aesthetically pleasing and long lasting, reaching a true solution to save the world’s precious resources. This campaign resonated with consumers who saw how their Mustela bottles could reach circularity and positively affect climate action toward the future generation.

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