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Charlie Chair and Luisa Table are made exclusively in Italy. The used technique is called rotational moulding, which is a traditional way of producing plastic furniture. But we invented the new process of adding upcycled raw material using our own special formula. During the production process, not only are machines used, but there is also significant manual input from skilled operators.

ecoBirdy’s Charlie Chair has received multiple awards based on its intentional design and innovative performance. 

The chair is safe, sturdy, stable, easy to move around for children, ergonomic and comfortable to sit on, and easy to clean. In addition, the chair is aesthetically pleasing and produced with social and environmental responsibility in mind. Discover the design story of the iconic Charlie Chair

ecoBirdy’s Charlie Chair and Luisa Table are ergonomically designed for toddlers of 18 months to kids of 7 years old. Charlie Chair especially has been certificated by SGS for use in the educational institution, meaning it is very safe for kids under normal but intensive use. 

Our collection of kid-sized furniture pieces features friendly rounded shapes; there are no sharp edges. Our furniture is childproof, even for the most boisterous and energetic of children.

The distribution of the weight is more important than the total weight of the user. When someone is in a sitting position, the pressure applied to the surface they are sitting on won’t be the same as if they were standing on it. Kindly notice that as the manufacturers, we strongly don’t recommend adults use the kids’ furniture.

ecoBirdy created a special production process that gives the characteristic look to its products. The material resulting from this unique production process we named ecothylene®.

Due to accurate sorting and using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to transform post-consumer plastic waste into high-grade raw material. Furthermore, ecothylene® allows production in one-piece and guarantees high strength and robustness. 

The recycled plastic used for the production is 100% recyclable, making ecothylene® easy to be recycled again. No pigments or new plastics need to be added. That’s why ecothylene® is significantly more eco-friendly than most recycling procedures for plastics. 

Find out more about the advantages of the ecothylene® material.

ecoBirdy products are entirely recyclable at the end of their product life.

Due to accurate sorting and grinding, ecoBirdy's raw material is high-grade and pure.

This is different from the majority of recycled plastic products, which are often a mix of different types of plastics.

Because of the special production process of ecothylene®, each product is unique. In other words, the speckled pattern is never identical. We choose to keep the source material visible to remind the user of the importance of making the most of our precious and limited resources. Read more on our Product Usage & Definitions page, at the Unique Attributes paragraph.

Some people describe the speckled appearance of ecothylene® as confetti, sprinkles, or the composite material terrazzo.

We use manual labour and an infra-red scanning machine to separate the materials and get rid of any contamination.

Quality control is carried out throughout the entire process, from the collection of discarded plastic to the final finishing of the products.

Samples of the recycled plastic are tested in the laboratory to ensure safety.

The material that we recycle and retain for the production of ecoBirdy furniture is polyethylene, the most common type of plastic. It is often used in household goods e.g. food containers.

Charlie Chair and Luisa Table are designed with easy cleaning for kids in mind. The smooth and silky surface has been treated with an eco-friendly finish, making it stain-proof. 

It is best to clean the product with a damp cloth, if necessary with natural soap. Do not use ethanol or cleaning products containing solvents such as acetone, trichloroethylene or ammoniac.

Read our tips and tricks on how to clean stains from splattered food such as tomato sauce, swigged beverages like juice, or watercolour, felt-tip pen or crayon paintings

ecoBirdy’s children’s and adult furniture (Charlie Chair, Luisa Table, Richard Armchair and Judy Side Table) perfectly serve as outdoor tables and chairs to create a unique lounge corner in the backyard, garden, or on the patio or deck. 

Because the furniture is made of recycled plastic, they’re weatherproof! The chairs also have a feature for rain water to flow through. But the combination of high temperature and humidity, extreme weather conditions or temperature variations might increase wear and tear of the material. To avoid this, keep in dry and cool areas.

Please see our product care page.

Since established in 2018, ecoBirdy has implemented social and environmental responsibility in every aspect of its business. It has been acknowledged by B Corporation since 2019. Certified B Corps meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. 

After the collection of tossed plastic toys in schools and by European recycling partners, the items are unpacked and prepared in a sheltered workshop. Working with a sheltered workshop, opens up opportunities for people who have more needs or have difficulties to be integrated in society. The trajectory and chance to grow their abilities and talents can help them re-enter the workforce.

The collected plastic goes through the recycling process in Belgium to create ecothylene®. The final product is made in Belgium or Italy

Read ecoBirdy’s full social responsibility story

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