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ecoBirdy at SFMOMA

ecoBirdy’s furniture is featured in the learning lounge at the exhibition 'Creative Growth: The House That Art Built' at SFMOMA.

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The Origin Story of Our Kiwi Container

The playful shape of Kiwi Container is suggestive of a kiwi bird, and its removable beak opens the body for storage.

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ecoBirdy’s Sustainable Packaging

The packaging we use is smartly designed to minimise the resources consumed. We apply the three Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

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How Birds Shaped ecoBirdy's Brand Identity

Why we care about them and how we are helping.

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Bring Nordic Elegance into Your Home with ecoBirdy

ecoBirdy's designs have sleek and elegant shapes, making them seamlessly integrate with a Scandinavian inspired interior.

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The Story Behind Our Unique Rhino Lamp Design

ecoBirdy’s lamp shape resembles the head of a rhinoceros. Casting a glowing light, this home accessory aims to raise awareness.

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ecoBirdy’s Stain-Proof Kids' Furniture

Charlie Chair and Luisa Table are designed with easy cleaning for kids in mind. 

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ecoBirdy Kids’ Furniture in Netflix's Fool Me Once

Luisa Table and Charlie Chair are featured in the kids’ room of Netflix series Fool Me Once based on the best-selling novel by Harlan Coben.

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Monocle Podcast "The Entrepreneurs" – Interview with ecoBirdy

ecoBirdy's co-founders Vanessa and Joris share the personal story behind Charlie Chair for the first time.

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Commitment to Inclusive Design

Inclusivity should be essential in design, because it advocates equal opportunities, social integration, and dignity for all individuals.

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How ecoBirdy’s Design Process Fosters 'Design Thinking'

A reading guide of the ecoBirdy case study at Young V&A Museum in London.

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ecoBirdy at Young V&A Museum in London

The Design Gallery hosts a display section entirely dedicated to ecoBirdy’s case study. In the theme of "Design for change".

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Sustainable children's furniture

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