The Impact of Plastic Waste on Birds: baby seabird eats plastic waste

How Birds Shaped ecoBirdy's Brand Identity

Birds are the messengers that alert us about the health of the planet. They are present in different kinds all around the world and quickly respond to changes in the environment. They are our early-warning system for pressing concerns such as global warming and several kinds of pollution. Unfortunately, birds have to suffer from the consequences of our plastic waste every day.

“As of 2020, half of the species of seabirds have been reported to have ingested plastics. By 2050, 99% of seabird species will have ingested plastics”, says author Hideshige Takada (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology). 




Besides from ingestion, almost all marine and freshwater birds are at risk of entanglement in plastic waste and other synthetic materials. A wide diversity of land birds, from eagles to small finches, are also affected.

As many as 51 trillion microplastic particles — 500 times more than the stars in our galaxy — litter our oceans and seas, seriously threatening marine wildlife. A study published in the PNAS journal analysed nursing waters off the Hawaiian coast: it found that for each baby fish, there are seven bits of plastic.


A large-scale change is imperative, and it must happen soon

This captivating narrative is a harsh reality, but also inspires many people to do better. They understand the necessity of safeguarding the earth’s precious nature, and use their power as a positive force to save the planet and the beautiful species that live on it. Likewise for the entrepreneurs behind ecoBirdy. That’s why Vanessa Yuan and Joris Vanbriel named their company after this enchanting and vital animal. The name ecoBirdy comes from two things, both essential to our brand:

  1. Eco stands for ecological. We care for our environment. We think it is very important to respect our mother earth’s precious resources without creating unnecessary waste.
  2. Birdy stands for a healthy future of our nature, where birds will be able to fly freely and live well.
ecoBirdy's brand name and logo design

How do we help?

To reduce plastic waste ending up in nature, we at ecoBirdy created our own recycling process. We transform and re-design waste into something beautiful and appealing. The plastic particles that form our iconic speckled texture are clearly recognizable. This is done on purpose, to inspire future generations on the importance of making the most of our precious and limited resources. 


Closeup of Charlie Chair in the colour Skye, made of recycled plastic Closeup of Charlie Chair in the colour Off-White, made of recycled plastic Closeup of Charlie Chair in the colour Ocean, made of recycled plastic


ecoBirdy's products are made entirely from ecothylene®, our patented material crafted from 100% recycled plastic, sourced from discarded toys. This means that ecothylene® can easily be recycled, promoting the circular economy and showing how positive change can look attractive.

In 2021, we partnered with skincare brand Mustela to recycle their used plastic packaging bottles into a limited-edition collection. We created a unique storytelling campaign that revolved around a tangible experience, aiming to inspire customers with our durable circular products.

ecoBirdy is proud to work with commercial companies to provide them with fully circular solutions. Together we can make a bigger positive impact, contribute to a thriving circular economy and ensure a brighter future for the next generations. 




Photo credits (in order of appearance):

Cover: Hanson Lu - Unsplash

Fishing net: Ricardo Resende - Unsplash

Puffin bird: James Armes - Unsplash


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