ecoBirdy's sustainable packaging story

ecoBirdy’s Sustainable Packaging

To complete the full sustainability mission of ecoBirdy, in the same way as our furniture, our packaging is produced with respect for the planet and people too. We apply the three Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle, to limit our packaging’s waste and impact on the planet. 

Our e-commerce orders are shipped directly in the product boxes. In case multiple products are ordered, they are packed in a special group packaging, always keeping the protection of the products inside in mind. For group packaging, a special insert was designed to protect the products.


Smart design to reduce packaging material

ecoBirdy uses a minimum amount of packaging material. We consciously designed our packaging so it requires a limited amount of resources. For example, the box of Mabo Plate is specifically designed to be easy to unfold, store, reuse and recycle, while at the same time saving cardboard waste in the production process.

We offer group packaging when multiple products are ordered. They are packed, always keeping the protection of the products inside in mind, in a set that is mostly compact and efficient. 


The efficient packaging design of Mabo Plate Mabo Plate in it's resource saving box


Sustainable and re-used packaging materials

We avoid single-use plastic. 

90% of packaging materials used by ecoBirdy are paper related and use recycled paper. Among the 10% unavoidable plastic related packaging materials, all are recycled or reclaimed. 

We use recycled plastic film and reclaimed bubble wraps for oversea orders. They are necessary to protect the products during a long transportation journey and to safeguard them against humidity. We choose plastic film which is made of 80% recycled material, while our bubble wrap is reclaimed and reused. 

We reuse packaging materials as many times as possible for internal transportation and logistics. Any excess packaging material will be offered to the local community free of charge so they can be reused again. 


ecoBirdy's efficient packaging for two Charlie Chairs  ecoBirdy Charlie Chair duo box


Recycle: A Closed Loop

When there are materials that we cannot reuse anymore, we make sure they get recycled. The cardboard waste is picked up by the company that recycles and produces cardboard for the production of new ecoBirdy boxes. Meaning that the cardboard we receive from suppliers and our own cardboard waste goes into the loop of material that we receive back as new boxes. 


ecoBirdy's tailored recycled cardboard boxes


ecoBirdy's goal is to transform waste into beautiful and functional products. We mainly use post‐consumer plastic waste for producing our products and shipping them for this purpose. As a result, we make a positive contribution to the reduction of plastic waste that pollutes the environment. 


Sustainable children's furniture