Why ecoBirdy's Charlie Chair is the Best Design for Toddler Kids Children. In this picture we see Charlie Chair in the blue colour Ocean

The Design of Charlie Chair

Charlie the chair is undoubtedly an iconic ecoBirdy product, as the most award-winning children’s chair on the market. It has received multiple awards based on its intentional design and innovative performance.

Although Charlie has been defined by others as a good designer chair, the biggest honour it has received is from parents who have said it is their best purchase ever.


Here are the five reasons to choose Charlie Chair

1. Sturdy, safe and stable

Charlie chair is designed with a child's safety and stability as the top priority. There are no sharp corners. After studying toddler’s behaviour and body proportions, it was created to be a sturdy chair that cannot be tipped over.


ecoBirdy Pink Charlie Chair Best Design Toddler Kids Chair


2. Enables mobility

  • Charlie’s light weight enables a two-year-old to successfully move it and independently participate in the world. Mobility is essential for a child’s development, and Charlie will help refine their motor skills with each use.
    • ecoBirdy Pink Charlie Chair Best Design Toddler Kids Chair


      3. Ergonomic and comfortable

      Every curve and detail are intentionally created with a toddler in mind. Charlie’s structure gives children the correct back support, while the large surface allows them to sit comfortably. The simple-to-grip edges let them sit down or get up with ease.


      ecoBirdy Blue Charlie Chair Best Design Toddler Kids Chair


      4. Easy to clean surface

      Charlie’s silky surface means that it is hygienic and easy to clean. There are no nooks and crannies for hidden dirts and germs. Plastic is generally easier to clean than wood and fabric. Moreover, in production we use the newest technology to ensure that baby purees and food can be cleaned easily off the surfaces.


      ecoBirdy Pink Charlie Chair Best Activity Table Design Toddler Kids Chair


      5. Aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly

      With its award-winning design, Charlie is aesthetically pleasing to both children and adults. Its speckled look gives a sleek and modern look to any interior. Made from upcycled plastic toys, each chair is unique. It provides inspiration for children about sustainable living.


      ecoBirdy Blue Charlie Chair Best Design Toddler Kids Chair


      Charlie Chair is the winner of various design awards

      • German Sustainability Award Design 2021, Category Pioneers, Finalist
      • German Design Award 2019, Category Product Design, Winner
      • Henry van de Velde Award 2019, Category Ecodesign, Winner
      • Good Design Award Australia 2018, Category Outstanding Design and Innovation, Winner
      • Play It Green Award 2018 by afilii.com, Winner
      • Blickfang Design Preis 2018, Designmesse 2018 Bern, Winner
      • Innovation Award 2018 by Kind & Jugend Fair, Nominated


      The design is featured in the permanent collections of leading museums

      • Young V&A, London
      • Design Museum Brussels, Brussels
      • MAK Design Lab at Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna
      • Museum of Design in Plastics, Arts University Bournemouth
      • Rossana Orlandi Gallery, Milan



      • SGS certificated: EN 1729-2 Children’s furniture D60-300-1 (2008), D60-300-2 (2008)
      • VOC emissions from recycled material according to ISO 16000-9, 16000-6, 16000-3: A+


      There is nothing in the market like Charlie, discover the different Charlie Chair Designs.



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