Cleaning stains off ecoBirdy's kids' table Luisa

ecoBirdy’s Stain-Proof Kids' Furniture

A good design for kids can be cleaned easily. Whether a stain is the result of splattered food such as tomato sauce, swigged beverages like juice, or an overly enthusiastic watercolour or crayon painting. Toddlers and children should be able to explore and enjoy their playful nature and artistic abilities without their parents struggling to cope with the mess created. 

That’s why Charlie Chair and Luisa Table are designed with cleaning possibilities in mind. The ecothylene® material has a smooth and silky surface and has been treated with an eco-friendly finish, making it easy to clean and maintain.

But what is the best way to do it? 

How to clean ecoBirdy’s kids' furniture

1. A soft remedy

It is best to clean the product with a soft brush or a damp microfibre cloth. For more stubborn stains, we suggest using a brush, a toothbrush, or an eraser

2. Use natural cleaning products

Do not use ethanol or cleaning products containing solvents such as acetone, acid, trichloroethylene or ammoniac. If water doesn’t do the trick, use a natural soap.

3. The sooner the better 

It’s best to clean the furniture as soon as you see the stain. If you allow the material to dry completely, it will require more scrubbing to remove dirt.

4. Sticker proof

Does your little one love stickers? No worries. You can easily peel them off the ecothylene® surface. 

painting on the ecoBirdy Luisa kids' Table

Please keep in mind, the cleaning results may vary depending on the type of stain, the permanency of the ink, crayon or paint, and brand that’s used. 

For the health of the child in general, we recommend non-toxic and natural arts and crafts supplies. Opting for such materials promotes safety, reducing concerns when children put them in their mouths or come into contact with their skin. Consider using crayons made from beeswax or soybean wax and water-based paint for a safer creative experience.

Here’s a tutorial for cleaning stains off our stain-proof kids’ table, caused by felt-tip pens, watercolour paint and crayons. 

Find out how to remove stains caused by spilled tomato sauce and other food in this video.



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