Still of ecoBirdy Charlie Chair Vanilla and Luisa Table Vanilla in the kids' room of Netflix series Fool Me Once

ecoBirdy Kids’ Furniture in Netflix's Fool Me Once

ecoBirdy’s Charlie Chair and Luisa Table has been chosen to be on set in the key scenes of the trailer and newly released crime thriller series. The furniture is prominently displayed in the kid's room where the main character Maya Stern (played by Michelle Keegan) shockingly sees her husband, Joe, who was presumed dead and has been buried, on the hidden nanny camera playing with their daughter Lily.

“When ex-soldier Maya sees her murdered husband on a secret nanny cam, she uncovers a deadly conspiracy that stretches deep into the past.” - Netflix

ecoBirdy kids' furniture Charlie Chair Vanilla and Luisa Table Vanilla spotted on the nanny cam in Netflix series Fool Me Once

“Fool Me Once” is based on the best-selling novel by Harlan Coben, American writer of mystery novels and thrillers. The series stars Michelle Keegan, renowned for her roles in two prior Harlan Coben adaptations, "The Stranger" and "Stay Close," joined by the accomplished Adeel Akhtar, celebrated as the Best Actor at the 2017 BAFTA TV Awards. The cast also features Joanna Lumley, recipient of the prestigious BAFTA Fellowship award, and Richard Armitage, with his impressive acting continuum including roles in The Hobbit. 

Fool Me Once premiered on Netflix on January 1, 2024 and is now the  #1 streamed series in Belgium, the UK, to name a few examples and has reached the top 10 in 91 countries.

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Luisa Table Vanilla  

Charlie Chair Vanilla

ecoBirdy Charlie Chair Vanilla and Luisa Table Vanilla in Netflix series Fool Me Once

Charlie Chair and Luisa Table are our bestselling furniture set. Both have been authentically designed by ecoBirdy with an eye for aesthetics and to cater to toddlers’ ergonomics. 

The furniture is made of ecothylene®, a recycled and recyclable plastic material developed by ecoBirdy. The company has implemented social and environmental responsibility in every aspect of its business, that’s why ecoBirdy has been acknowledged by B corporation since 2019.

Netflix has become a cultural powerhouse, shaping and defining trends, narratives, and entertainment preferences on a global scale. Creating a series based on a book adaptation is a unique art form, where set design profoundly shapes viewers' perceptions. The Charlie Chair and Luisa Table, featured on Netflix's Fool Me Once, contribute to the safe and playful atmosphere of the main character’s daughter, Lily’s playroom. 

The light-yellow Vanilla colour has become a favourite of Scandinavian lifestyle trendsetters and celebrities, making it a sophisticated selection for those with a keen eye for style.

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All 8 episodes of Fool Me Once are available to stream on Netflix now.   
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