Product Usage & Definitions


It is best to clean the product with a soft brush or a damp cloth and if necessary, use neutral soap. For more stubborn stains, we suggest using a brush or toothbrush. [Watch the video]. Do not use ethanol or cleaning products containing solvents such as acetone, acid, trichloroethylene or ammoniac.


Outside Use

Our products are suitable for outdoor use. But the combination of high temperature and humidity, extreme weather conditions or temperature variations might increase wear and tear of the material. To avoid this, keep in dry and cool areas.


Screw‐in Feet (Furniture Glides)

These are an optional extra for adding under the feet of chair and/or table. The screw‐in feet help to adjust different heights on uneven floors. They can become loose over time, and therefore should be checked frequently. Warning: Loose parts may be swallowed by young children and are a choking hazard.

Order new furniture glides:


Felt Pads

These can be attached under the screw‐in feet, to protect your floor or prevent noise when moving the chair and/or table. They wear-out quickly and can easily be replaced. We do not provide replacements free of charge.


Teflon Feet

These are optional extras to be attached under the feet of the chair and/or table. We suggest Teflon feet especially for public spaces to avoid noise when chairs or tables are moved on the floor. Warning: Loose parts may be swallowed by young children and are a choking hazard.


Chair Use

The Charlie Chair is suitable for kids from the ages of 18 months up to 7 years old to sit on. We do not recommend the chair to be used by adults. Stepping, knocking, drumming, and jumping on the chair could cause damage, this is the user’s responsibility. Dropping sharp and heavy objects made of metal, wood, glass, ceramic, or stone onto the seating surface could also cause damage.


Table Surface

We do not recommend sitting or standing on the table. Stepping, knocking, drumming, and jumping on the table surface could cause damage; this is the user’s responsibility. Dropping sharp and heavy objects made of metal, wood, glass, ceramic, or stone onto the table surface or legs could cause damage. The material used is recycled polyethylene and is extremely elastic. The applied production method is rotational moulding. It is inherent to the material and production technique that the top surface might not be completely flat.


Weight Load

Our kids’ furniture is recommended for the correct use in the age range of 18 months to 7 years old, rather than for a specific maximum weight load. The distribution of the weight is more important than the total weight of the user. When someone is in a sitting position, the pressure applied to the surface they are sitting on won’t be the same as if they were standing on it, for example. In other words, a heavier user sitting properly can cause less damage than a lighter user standing or jumping on the sitting surface. Kindly notice that as the manufacturers, we strongly don’t recommend adults use the kids’ furniture.


Entirely Recyclable

Our products are 100% recyclable. In keeping with our focus to lower CO2 emissions we encourage you to recycle them at your local recycler. Any professional recycler who recycles polyethylene can recycle them. For the Rhino lamp, we suggest to removing the battery, cables and lamp components before handing it over to the recycler.


Unique Attributes

Working with domestic waste as we do, means that the nature of the input material is always different and will perform dynamically. Within our standardised operating procedures, the manufacturing is to a great extent done manually. During production, some factors are beyond our control, as a result of the variable and valuable nature of the input material. 

The outcome varies in each production batch and each individual product. This can result in: 

  1. Different positionings and distribution of particles, 
  2. Different density and distribution of the pattern, 
  3. Rattling particles,
  4. Gaps between particles on the surface,
  5. Variations in colour and colour density within different batches of the same colourway.

We are unapologetic about these features, as they are a natural result of our unique process. Outcome variations may affect the appearance of the products with unpredictable particle and pattern performance. The quality and safety of the products are not impacted by these variations, and they cannot be a reason for return, refund or exchange. 

Domestic waste is generated by household consumption, unlike standardised virgin plastic and industrial waste. Choosing to work with domestic waste is much more challenging, but we believe that it’s worth it. We honour our commitment to environmental responsibility by making the most of the precious resources on our planet. Our products show the beautiful result of recycling and inspire our community to help create a better planet for the next generation.


Safety & Durability

Each product goes through rigorous safety and durability testing. Products which are made of recycled polyethylene have elastic characteristics. The Charlie Chair is designed to be used as a “chair for children”. It has been tested by SGS for durability and it will not break when used for what it was designed for. Cracking and breaking caused by misuse are the sole responsibility of the user.