Product quality & Unique attributes

Unique Appearance

Working with domestic waste as we do, means that the nature of the input material is always different and will perform dynamically. Within our standardised operating procedures, the manufacturing is to a great extent done manually. During production, some factors are beyond our control, as a result of the variable and valuable nature of the input material. 

The outcome varies in each production batch and each individual product. This can result in: 

  • Different positioning and distribution of particles
  • Different density and distribution of the pattern
  • Rattling particles
  • Gaps between particles on the surface
  • Variations in colour and colour density within different batches of the same colourway

We are unapologetic about these features, as they are a natural result of our unique process. Outcome variations may affect the appearance of the products with unpredictable particles and pattern performance. 

Domestic waste is generated by household consumption, unlike standardised virgin plastic and industrial waste. Choosing to work with domestic waste is much more challenging, but we believe that it’s worth it. We honour our commitment to environmental responsibility by making the most of the precious resources on our planet. Our products show the beautiful result of recycling and inspire our community to help create a better planet for the next generation.

The quality and safety of the products are not affected by appearance variations, and they cannot be a reason for free return, refund, or exchange. In case these products are returned, it will be with the reason of personal preference and an administrative cost will be charged. 


Gradient Effect

Some of ecoBirdy’s furniture designs have a visible gradient effect from intense colour to a lighter colour, or opposite. This is the result of a production technology we developed to create the look purposely.


Safety & Durability

Each product goes through rigorous safety and durability testing. Products which are made of recycled polyethylene have elastic characteristics. The Charlie Chair is designed to be used as a “chair for young children”. It has been tested by SGS for durability and it will not break when used for what it was designed for (see specifics below). Cracking and breaking caused by misuse are the sole responsibility of the user.

Charlie Chair has passed all tests by SGS (Standard Global Services): EN 1729-2 Children’s furniture D60-300-1 (2008), D60-300-2 (2008). To meet the standards for children’s use in educational institutions, where they expect it would be used intensively and brutally. 

During the test, the following impact has been applied to the seating part:

  • Seat load: 1600 Newton (=> 163kg) for 10 cycles
  • Backrest load: 450 Newton (=> 46kg) for 10 cycles 
  • Seat impact: Drop height 180mm for 10 cycles
  • Backrest impact: Drop height 330mm
  • Drop test: 600mm for 5 cycles

The measurement has been taken to simulate the maximum impact caused by a child during the normal use of a seat. Any impact bigger than this might cause damage to the seat which will be considered as out of standard. 


Charlie Chair Use

The Charlie Chair is suitable for kids from the ages of 18 months up to 7 years old to sit on. We do not recommend the chair to be used by adults. Stepping, kneeling, knocking, drumming, and jumping on the chair could cause damage, this is the user’s responsibility. Dropping sharp and heavy objects made of metal, wood, glass, ceramic, or stone onto the seating surface could also cause damage.

Any defects caused by inappropriate use of the products will be your own responsibility and are not covered by any warranty. More information on this can be found on the Product Care page and in the Terms & Conditions. 


Charlie Chair’s Weight Load

Our kids’ furniture is recommended for the correct use in the age range of 18 months to 7 years old, rather than for a specific maximum weight load. The distribution of the weight is more important than the total weight of the user. When someone is in a sitting position, the pressure applied to the surface they are sitting on won’t be the same as if they were standing or kneeling on it, for example. In other words, a heavier user sitting properly can cause less damage than a lighter user standing, kneeling or jumping on the sitting surface. Kindly notice that as the manufacturers, we strongly don’t recommend adults to sit on the kids’ chairs. 


Luisa Table Surface

We do not recommend sitting or standing on the table. Stepping, knocking, drumming, and jumping on the table surface could cause damage; this is the user’s responsibility. Dropping sharp and heavy objects made of metal, wood, glass, ceramic, or stone onto the table surface or legs could cause damage. The material used is recycled polyethylene and is extremely elastic. The applied production method is rotational moulding. It is inherent to the material and production technique that the top surface might not be completely flat.



Our products are guaranteed against all manufacturing faults, granted that the items are appropriately used. The quality of our products is manually and carefully checked before delivery. While we do offer a warranty for 24 months, it is merely subject to manufacturing errors. The warranty doesn’t include parts that are subject to wear and tear due to faulty use. 


Disposal Recommendations

We strongly encourage you to give your kid’s furniture a new purpose when it is no longer suitable for its initial use. If your child has outgrown our kids’ furniture, please try to use it as a side table, night stand or other. Or donate it or sell it locally if you don’t have a place for it in your home anymore. 

In case your product is broken, please be advised to stop using it for safety reasons. 

The chair has been intentionally designed in single plastic polyethylene to be easy to recycle by any professional plastic recycler in the world: to give it a new life, we recommend bringing it to your local recycling centre.