ecoBirdy sustainable design furniture made from the material ecothylene


Recycled plastic products are usually recognised as being greyish, dullish and not very attractive. Our aim was to change this, and make something colourful out of the colourful plastic waste. Following an in-depth two-year study period, ecoBirdy created a special production process that gives the characteristic look to its products. The material resulting from this unique production process we named ecothylene®.

Due to accurate sorting and using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to transform post-consumer plastic waste into high-grade raw material. The patented technology features integrated material separation and an improved binding formula for polymers. The result is that no pigments or new plastics need to be added. Making ecothylene® is significantly more eco-friendly than most recycling procedures for plastics.

Because of the special production process, each product is unique. In other words, the speckled pattern is never identical. The smooth surface of the material makes it easy to clean and maintain, while its light weight makes it easy to move. ecothylene® allows production in one-piece and guarantees high strength and robustness. The recycled plastic used for the production of ecothylene® is 100% recyclable. This means that ecothylene® can easily be recycled again.

We do not use any additional pigments to colour ecothylene®. Instead, we chose to keep the source material visible. This is done on purpose to remind the user of the importance of making the most of our precious and limited resources. It is something that is always uppermost in our mind.

ecothylene® is available in six different colours. 


ecothylene material in the colour sky  ecothylene material in the off-white  ecothylene material in the colour ocean


For some people the appearance of ecothylene® reminds to the composite material terrazzo.


Sustainable children's furniture