ecoBirdy school programme

School programme

ecoBirdy has created a school programme to raise awareness among kids. A storybook - designed by ecoBirdy for children - tells an appropriate story to draw attention to plastic waste and recycling.

By throwing broken or unused plastic toys into our collection container the kids are supported and inspired to contribute to a more sustainable future.

1. Inspired by real life

An illustrated storybook - designed by ecoBirdy especially for children - teaches the pupils about the use of common plastic toys, how they can become harmful to our planet and how they can be given a new life by recycling.

2. Empower to contribute

The school activities are accompanied by a plastic toy collection campaign. A  collection container is brought to the school to show pupils how they can contribute to a more sustainable future. Children and parents are then invited to bring their broken or unused plastic toys.

 3. Transparency of upcycling

All kids and parents are asked to leave their contact detail when bringing old toys. They will receive an email as soon as their old toys is given a new life. We want our story to be kept in mind and make the upcycling process transparent.

For logistical reasons, we organise the school programme only in Belgium.

If you are interested in telling our story to children, you can  purchase our book or furniture.

For questions about our school programme, please send us an email to:

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