Charlie Chair Exhibited at Design Museum Brussels

Charlie Chair at Design Museum Brussels

ecoBirdy’s Charlie Chair was displayed at the exhibition “Chaise. Stoel. Chair. Defining Design” at the Design Museum Brussels from 26th March to 19th September, together with Thonet, Eames, Joe Colombo and Enzo Mari. By admiring the selection of 100 chairs, visitors could discover the evolution of design from the late Nineteenth century to 2021.



Interview with Arnaud Bozzini, director of the Design Museum Brussels

The Design Museum Brussels is engaged since 2015 into plastic design with its collection “The Plastic Design Collection” - in which Charlie is permanently featured. It has the purpose to explore the impact of the design on society and community, through common items.

A chair is the most ordinary object through which every designer challenges themselves at least once in their working life. As human needs change, chairs evolve to meet new standards for a more comfortable sitting. That is why chairs are so important to explain the history of design.

ecoBirdy’s Charlie Chair was chosen for the exhibition thanks to its unique qualities and manufacturing process, that aim to provide a solution to plastic waste. During all the design’s eras, plastic has always been used to imitate glass or wood, but Charlie Chair is a statement that values this material and encourages to recycle, overcoming Modernism and Post-modernism.

Arnaud Bozzini, director of the Design Museum Brussels, notices that Charlie Chair is not a grown-ups chair resized to fit children’s height, but an ergonomically designed piece that is purposely thought for kid’s posture.

Thanks to its innovative concept and upcycling production process, Charlie Chair is an important part of the evolution of design in chairs.


"Design is not a luxury, it's smart item, smart object with functional and aesthetic aspects." - Arnaud Bozzini.


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