ecoBirdy's Frost Table on display at Design Museum Brussels

Frost Table at Design Museum Brussels

ecoBirdy’s Frost Table has been selected for the permanent exhibition “Belgisch Design Belge” at the Design Museum Brussels.




Proposing a dialogue that is as unexpected as it is challenging, the chronologies, typologies, and function intertwine and invite us to reflect on the status of the object, the relationship we have with design and its everyday use.

From Art Nouveau to today's creation, via post-war functionalism, this exhibition explores, among other things, the work of designers and the production of Belgian companies and publishing houses. Among these designers and producers are: Gustave Serrurier-Bovy, Huib Hoste, Jacques Dupuis, Willy Van Der Meeren, Jules Wabbes, Maarten Van Severen, Meurop, Alain Gilles, Christophe Gevers... and Vanessa Yuan and Joris Vanbriel from ecoBirdy.


ecoBirdy Frost Table at Design Museum Brussels


The exhibition opened in September 2020, and Frost Table was included even before its official release, in March 2021. Arnaud Bozzini, director of the museum, was impressed with the constructive design of Frost Table. It shows how the design process doesn’t stop at the visible components but concerns the complete experience around the table from construction to usability. Each element is well-designed individually and unitedly, aesthetically, and functionally.  


ecoBirdy Frost Table


ecoBirdy’s Charlie Chair is featured in the other permanent exhibition of the Design Museum Brussels – The Plastic Design Collection. It has the purpose to explore the impact of the design on society and community, through common items.

   Charlie Chair exhibted at Design Museum Brussels


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