Child-centered design has a crucial in parenthood and education. At home and in educationla spaces.

Why Do Kid-Specific Designs and Interiors Matter?

 Kids’ mental well-being, autonomy, self-esteem, and socialization skills are boosted when they find themselves in spaces designed according to their specific needs. It is important that all elements of these spaces respect the proportions and characteristics of their little users, and good kids' furniture will make them feel included.

Many educational spaces are furnished with items designed over 50 years ago; FIRA International Ltd (Furniture Industry Research Association) carried out a study which proves that children’s body proportions changed since then: they are taller and bigger today. The quality of the physical environment -the classroom- is one of the crucial points that can define a successful learning environment, ultimately having a pivotal influence on the success of a learning experience.
We believe that the main factors that need to be considered when designing a learning space also apply to the choice of furniture that will be placed in said environments:

  • Flexibility: supporting different teaching methods and switching between them
  • Efficiency: solutions must be well-developed and serve long-term
  • Ergonomics: everything needs to be adapted to the measurements of the students  


Kids’ mental well-being, autonomy, self-esteem, and socialization skills are boosted when they find themselves in spaces designed according to their specific needs


Charlie Chair as an example of meeting today's kids needs



Charlie Chair’s appearance is clear and unmistakable as a seat that toddlers can easily recognize. The look is friendly and attractive, without frivolous elements. It is designed to be safe for kids to use independently, encouraging their learning of autonomy. The opening in the backrest allows rainwater to flow away when the chair is used outdoors.



Kids’ ergonomics and body proportions have been extensively studied. Every curve and detail is intentionally created with toddlers' behaviour in mind. Charlie Chair’s structure gives children the correct back support, while the large seating surface allows them to sit comfortably. The simple-to-grip edges let them sit down or get up by themselves with ease.



ecoBirdy furniture is made from our material, ecothylene®, which is 100% recycled plastic. Plastic is low-maintenance and lightweight, guaranteeing prolonged use in time and encouraging autonomous play. The surface is smooth, easy to clean, and free from harmful chemicals. The speckled texture is unique on each product, the tactile connection with recycled material provides sensory stimulations.


Taking into account these elements will ultimately benefit each final user of the space. Students will be empowered, able to focus more and complete tasks faster, resulting in greater ease of learning. Their overall quality of life and physical well-being will benefit, with more creativity able to flow in a stimulating environment. Teachers will be able to set up a flexible curriculum, adapting the space to the learning needs and making the classroom more fun and comfortable for everyone. Schools will benefit in the long term from good investments, that will create more interest in students and a more stimulating work environment for the staff.


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