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Milk Magazine - Interview with ecoBirdy

Media: Milk Magazine, Issue 79
Interviewer: Salomé Mathieu
Published Date: February 2023



Milk Magazine, leading international publication for family and lifestyle, invited ecoBirdy’s co-founders Vanessa Yuan and Joris Vanbriel to discuss their sustainable approach to furniture design, what brought them to set up the brand and choose to work with recycled plastic.


The extract of the conversation

Milk Magazine: In creating the recycled plastic furniture brand ecoBirdy, Vanessa Yuan and Joris Vanbriel have embarked on a mission to put eco-friendly design within children’s easy reach.  


"We sincerely believe that by raising kids’ awareness, we’ll be able to impact the future of the planet. We want ecoBirdy to become an inspirational example of what the circular economy can produce. That’s why we also consult with other companies, and work with them on how to implement circular solutions and sustainable practices within their own businesses. We can’t solve climate change and greater global environmental problems by disrupting one single industry. We need to entirely rethink the whole system." - Vanessa Yuan and Joris Vanbriel


Milk Magazine: While we wait for the rest of the industry to catch on, ecoBirdy has gained recognition from their peers for their innovative and sustainable design work.

It’s an altogether sparkling success story which will perhaps cast a little sustainability shimmer onto others.

Read the full interview of Milk Magazine with ecoBirdy in English.

Read the full article in French.



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