A cosy Scandinavian styled living room with Charlie Chair Off-White and Coral Blanket.

Bring Nordic Elegance into Your Home with ecoBirdy

Simple, calm, clean, cosy, bright but diffused. We appreciate how the Scandinavian interior design style is connected with nature. Creating an atmosphere that makes you feel in harmony with the space, with its soft colours, natural textures and abundance of light. 

Originating from the 1950s, the Scandinavian interior design style has been in popular demand worldwide ever since. It’s thought to be conceived alongside the modernist movement in Europe and America, as the Scandinavian modern style concentrated on easily obtainable and sleek interiors. 

Important designers who contributed to the emergence of this style include Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner, Kaj Franck, Borge Mogensen, Verner Panton and Grete Jalk.

A Scandinavian home is a place that fosters a sense of ‘Hygge’ (cosiness, comfort, and joy) and ‘Lagom’ (just the right amount: not too little, not too much). And what makes the design style playful and accessible is that different objects, from a variety of styles, can form a cohesive ensemble, opening a subtle dialogue. 


How to decorate a scandi inspired interior?

1. Let the light in. The uniqueness of a Scandinavian inspired interior is all about creating a light space with the diffused sunlight from high latitude. Prioritising light creates a sense of warmth on the gloomiest days. Embrace natural lighting by accentuating the window openings, and bring it further with light-coloured walls and arrange furniture around it. 


Charlie Chair Off-White and Luisa Table Party placed in a bright room. Styled and photographed by Carla Sofie Molge.
The delicate translucent material of ecoBirdy’s Off-White colour offers a dreamy appearance when placed in the sunlight, tracing the white recycled flakes. This effect of the furniture brightens up the space.
Charlie Chair Off-White and Luisa Table Party by ecoBirdy. Picture by Carla Sofie Molge.


2. Balancing textures. To add warmth and depth to the interior, combining different textures and finding the balance is the key. The different materials in your home can reflect the diverse treasures found in nature. Wood, stone and textiles are often chosen to demonstrate their natural characteristics, such as veins, patterns and wovens. While metal, glass, and other man-made materials are brought in to accentuate details by different light spectrums.


Textures from different textiles combined in the bedroom. Styled and photographed by Anna Malmberg. Richard Armchair Faded-White placed in front of trendy stainless steel shelving. Styled and photographed by Carla Sofie Molge.
ecoBirdy’s 3D-knitted Coral Blanket features a sophisticated and natural texture to the room thanks to its ripples that are reminiscent of corals from the ocean.
Left: Coral Blanket by ecoBirdy. Picture by Anna Malmberg.
Another example of using different textures is how Carla Sofie Molge styled the recycled plastic Richard Chair, with its speckled pattern, in combination with the smooth textured dining table and shelves of stainless steel.
Right: Richard Armchair Faded-White by ecoBirdy. Picture by Carla Sofie Molge.
3. Minimal decor, maximum functionality. Embracing simplicity and clean lines, Scandinavian-inspired interiors redefine functionality in a stylish way. Opt for sleek, furnishings and decor pieces that serve a purpose. This approach not only fosters a sense of calm, but also maximises space, allowing for a clutter-free environment. By adhering to the principle of ‘Lagom’, Scandinavian design creates serene living spaces that radiate effortless elegance. 
A cosy living room with Charlie Chair Off-White and Coral Blanket. Styled and photographed by Simone Wiuf Larsen.
Charlie Chair's curved and neutral look blends in perfectly with the family's living environment. Creating a coherent and clean look while also providing a place for the family to come together.
Charlie Chair Off-White by ecoBirdy. Picture by Simone Wiuf Larsen.
4. Subtilty for a sophisticated coherence. Every detail in a scandi home is curated to gently contribute to the overall aesthetic of the space. Creating subtle contrasts between white, light, and neutral colours enhances the sense of spaciousness and serene ambiance. At the same time, subtle contrasts can be applied by layering different textures, as mentioned before. As well as by incorporating diverse shapes, like combining sharp-edged decor with more organically and round-shaped furniture. 
Richard Armchair Faded-White by ecoBirdy at the organic dining table. Styled and photographed by Carla Sofie Molge. Charlie Chair Sky for children, designed by ecoBirdy. Styled and photographed by Rasmus Schou Laursen.


Applying a well-balanced colour palette to your interior design helps to give your space a thoughtful appearance.
Left: Richard Armchair Faded-White by ecoBirdy. Picture by Carla Sofie Molge.
Right: Charlie Chair Sky by ecoBirdy. Picture by Rasmus Schou Laursen.
5. Selecting quality and authentic design pieces. Investing in unique high-quality design furniture ensures longevity but also contributes to the artistic appeal of the space. Look for carefully crafted pieces known for their resilience and sustainability. Contemporary furniture designs that fit into the Nordic style, often feature clean lines and minimalist design qualities, supporting a timeless elegance that extends beyond trends.
Frost Table in the colour Glacier, photo by Arne Jennard. Aesthetic home accessories including Mabo Plate by ecoBirdy. Styled and photographed by Michiel Bosman.
The clean lines and slim elements of ecoBirdy’s Frost Table give the design a timeless look.  
ecoBirdy’s Frost H35 Salon Table Mid-Grey. Picture by Arne Jennard.
Accessorize your home with unique and authentic decor pieces that have an alluring appearance. These pieces serve as expressions of your individual style, adding personality and charm to your home ambiance.
Mabo Plate Sesame by ecoBirdy. Picture by Michiel Bosman. 

ecoBirdy's designs have elegant and clean shapes, making them seamlessly integrate with a Scandinavian-inspired interior. The carefully studied furniture pieces add depth and intrigue to your interior through their effortless outlines and surfaces. Their sophisticated textures are an extract of their recycled nature, with nuances brought by their sustainable attributes. 



ecoBirdy’s design furniture is highlighted as a sustainable choice that contributes to a Scandinavian interior style on the Apartmentguide blog. “ecoBirdy’s pieces not only help to add depth and intrigue to the space, but are also made from sustainable materials. Their sophisticated textures create an atmosphere that makes you feel in harmony with the space, its soft colors, natural textures and abundance of light, says designer and co-founder Vanessa Yuan.”













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