ecoBirdy Coral Blanket from locally knitted recycled cotton

A Meaningful Blanket Made from Recycled Cotton

The Coral Blanket is a soft, lightweight blanket suits comfortably both for children and adults. ecoBirdy turns used clothing into a uniquely designed textile, thereby saving the precious resources of our planet.

What does the ecoBirdy Coral Blanket stand for?

Recycled Cotton
  • Saving up to 5,000 litres of water per blanket
  • Zero greenhouse gases
  • No extra dyeing or chemical dyeing
ecoBirdy Coral Blanket Recycled Cotton Closup
Recovery of discarded clothing
  • Reducing the amount of valuable material in landfills
  • Reducing the extra C02 caused by incineration
  • Recycling both post-industrial and post-consumer waste 
ecoBirdy Coral Blanket Recycled Cotton Recycling Process
Knitted 3D-texture
  • Breathable texture for both warmth and coolness
  • Stimulation of tactile learning
  • Unique design
ecoBirdy 3D Knitted Structured Coral Blanket Recycled Cotton
Responsibly made in Belgium
  • Historical knitting specialist
  • Just and fair working conditions
  • Hand-stitched details
ecoBirdy Handmade Coral Blanket Recycled Cotton Made in Belgium
 Blended fibre for quality
  • Increasing resistance, strength, and durability
  • Providing insulation (warmth)
  • Improving hydrophobic performance
ecoBirdy Coral Blanket Cream Colour

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Made from recycled cotton

ecoBirdy Coral Blanket Recycled Cotton in neutral white colour

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