Mabo Plate at restaurant La Chapelle by Seppe Nobels

Mabo Plates at Château La Chapelle

A green synergy between sustainable living and healthy eating was born when Mabo Plate started to be used at the restaurant of Château La Chapelle by Seppe Nobels, the first Green Michelin Starred chef of Belgium.


ecoBirdy Seppe Nobles Mabo Plate La Chapelle

Seppe Nobels is the curator of the wonderful medieval castle-farm “La Chapelle Restaurant'' in the Ardennes, south of Belgium. Matching with ecoBirdy’s vision, the chef serves only locally grown ingredients on Mabo Plate, a 100% recycled tableware that harmonizes with the slow living concept.

ecoBirdy Seppe Nobles Mabo Plate La Chapelle

ecoBirdy Mabo Plate dressed by Seppe Nobles


The “Farm to Plate” philosophy of La Chapelle relies on seasonal ingredients from local farms surrounded in the commune d’Anthisnes. Reducing ecological footprint while delivering an organic and healthy food experience. The menu is carefully studied to be seasonal and regional. Matching with Mabo Plate’s earthy colours and slow craftsmanship production, the entire dining experience is an authentic masterpiece.


ecoBirdy Seppe Nobles Mabo Plate La Chapelle picking vegetables


Before the dinner, guests are invited to join a walking tour around the garden of the castle to discover edible plants and herbs that grow organically in the terrain, which chef Nobels will use later in the composition of his recipes. Growing tomatoes and radishes in his small city garden since he was a child, Seppe explains his belief in environmental sustainability, with enthusiasm he guides the guests to find the hidden gems and sense the power of nature. 


ecoBirdy Seppe Nobles Mabo Plate La Chapelle
ecoBirdy Seppe Nobles Mabo Plate La Chapelle


Sharing awareness about the essential nutrients of the alimentation, encouraging a more conscious food consumption, and using circular products: the collaboration between La Chapelle and ecoBirdy supports a well-being lifestyle that cares about our planet earth and respects our mother nature. A virtuous example that our resources can be valued and appreciated through meaningful changes. 


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