The inclusive design of Mabo Plate

The inclusive design of Mabo Plate

Mabo Plate is the first tableware designed by ecoBirdy. It is an everyday object created with sustainability and inclusivity at the centre.

Since the beginning of its journey into sustainability, ecoBirdy aims to design meaningful objects to provide smart and careful solutions. More than making aesthetically pleasing objects, we want to create truly useful ones that care about the environment and people.

It is important for us that our Mabo plate could be used by everyone. We studied the ergonomic properties that could fulfill an extra need. The assistive and aid-providing shape is the most important characteristic in the design of Mabo Plate.

Mabo Plate's double-curved side wall presents a small step that helps to slide the food onto utensils, while the external part provides an ergonomic and balanced holding support. This well-thought feature was developed to be helpful and supportive.

Mabo Plate is a sustainable designed object with the concept of inclusivity in its use.

A balanced holding support:

Mabo plate ergonomic ecobirdy

Spill-proof, makes scooping food easier:

ecobirdy mabo plate ergonomicecobirdy mabo plate ergonomic


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